Queensland to explore Brisbane cruise terminal

Queensland to explore Brisbane cruise terminal

Carnival Australia has welcomed the government of Queensland’s decision to allow further investigation of a new dedicated cruise terminal for Brisbane.

The government has granted an exclusive mandate to Port of Brisbane to investigate the development of a new terminal at Luggage Point.

Carnival Australia executive chairman Ann Sherry said Brisbane was one of Australia’s main cruise hubs and the government’s decision meant the proposal could now move to the next phase of development.

“Today’s announcement means we are moving one step closer to a solution that meets the long-term needs of the industry for a modern terminal that can accommodate large ships in Brisbane,” Sherry said.

“Some of the world’s most prestigious ships - such as Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth which visits Brisbane later this month - currently have to berth at a grain terminal.


“Brisbane is a wonderful city that deserves a cruise facility that can cater for the growing number of larger vessels in the region.”

Subject to the required environmental and technical investigations, Sherry said Luggage Point was a suitable location for a facility.

“Luggage Point is close to the mouth of the Brisbane River and its location means it can accommodate larger cruise ships, which currently can’t get down the river.

“It is also a gateway for South East Queensland and regional Queensland,” she said.

Sherry said Carnival Australia together with other industry participants would continue to work with Port of Brisbane around technical and commercial aspects of the proposed project to ensure it was a success.