Plane fire causes disruption at Heathrow

Plane fire causes disruption at Heathrow

Services are getting back to normal at Heathrow Airport this morning following the closure of two runways last night after a fire broke out on an Ethiopian Airlines plane.

Investigations are under way try to establish the cause of a fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, named the Queen of Sheba.

A Heathrow spokesman said no passengers were on board the parked aircraft at the time of the fire.

Heathrow’s runways were closed for 90 minutes, causing significant disruption with some evening flights delayed by more than six hours.

The entire global fleet of 50 Dreamliners were grounded in January due to malfunctions with the planes’ lithium-ion batteries.


The jets were taken out of service and the batteries were replaced before flights resumed in April.

Several aviation experts have suggested that the fire appears to have broken out some distance from the two batteries.

Passengers flying from Heathrow today are being advised to contact their airline to check flights.