Miss Seychelles Sherlyn Furneau heads for Miss World in Ordos, China

Miss Seychelles Sherlyn Furneau heads for Miss World in Ordos, China

“Miss Seychelles… another world” Sherlyn Furneau has left Seychelles for Ordos in China for the Miss World pageant to be held on August 18.

Prior to her departure for the Miss World pageant, Sherlyn Furneau was in Rome, Italy, for a complete makeover of her appearance and to collect her wardrobe for Miss World sponsored by Michele Miglionico, one of the most reputed Italian designers.

“The international exposure has further boosted my self esteem for the Miss World pageant. It complemented a lot, the grooming and media exposures I had achieved locally as the reigning ‘Miss Seychelles… another world.’ With the newly-acquired international exposure, I feel more positive and ready to get on board the Miss World pageant and make my people proud. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all those who in one way or another have helped me in this exciting venture for the Miss World pageant,” explained Sherlyn.

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Elsia Grandcourt, has also extended her words of thanks for the local and international sponsors which have willingly contributed to Sherlyn’s wardrobe for Miss World. She gave special mention to the JJ Spirit Foundation, one of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s main sponsors for the event.

“We have witnessed for the first time ever a massive exposure of the ‘Miss Seychelles… another world’ on the international scene in preparation for her participation in the Miss World pageant. The reigning ‘Miss Seychelles… another world’ has now the international exposure and baggage she needs for the Miss World.”


The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, who personally met with Sherlyn hours before her departure to China, said, “Seychelles is proud to have Sherlyn as the elected candidate who will represent her country in the Miss World beauty pageant.”

He explained that her international exposure in the Italian city of Rome “has already opened new doors for her and given her the opportunities to travel and establish a network of friends and associations.”

Sherlyn’s presence in Rome had, according to the Seychelles Tourism Board Manager of the Celebrate Seychelles Events and Convention section, Marymonde Matatiken, “triggered great admiration and support from the Italians of her participation in the Miss World.”

Mrs. Matatiken was Sherlyn’s chaperone on this trip to Rome, Italy.

Spearheaded by the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in Italy, Dorothy Furneau, who had secured Michele Miglionico’s sponsorship for the “Miss Seychelles… another world” Roma holiday, Mrs. Matiken said that the crowned “Miss Seychelles… another world” has “left an everlasting impression in Italy.”