Gatwick launches Amadeus’ Airport-Collaborative Decision Making Portal

Gatwick launches Amadeus’ Airport-Collaborative Decision Making Portal

London Gatwick Airport will become the first to implement Amadeus’ cloud-based Airport-Collaborative Decision Making Portal to improve collaborative decision-making processes.

Gatwick is now one of a forward-thinking group of airports to join the European-wide A-CDM standard, with airports such as Munich, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Madrid and Zurich.

However Gatwick followed an innovative approach opting for Amadeus’ cost effective cloud technology to speed up the implementation time of A-CDM, rolling out the Amadeus portal to 300 users in just eight weeks.

Assisted by the Amadeus portal, LGW will handle 55 flights per hour from the world’s busiest runway and estimates up to two million additional passengers.

The aim of the A-CDM standard is to bring the entire airport ecosystem (airport operators, airlines, ground handlers and air traffic management) together to operate more efficiently and transparently, sharing accurate information in a timely manner.


This results in better air traffic management with fewer delays and increased capacity, as well as an improved passenger experience thanks to an integrated approach to operations.

The Amadeus A-CDM Portal provides aggregated views of the status of airport operational activities based on real-time flight, passenger and other operational data.

It can predict future flight problems over a three-to-four hour period, identifying which flights might be delayed and how they can be turned around faster to make sure they leave Gatwick on time, even if they arrived late.

With accurate data at their disposal, airport stakeholders can make cooperative decisions to rapidly deal with operational issues.

Michael Ibbitson, chief information officer, London Gatwick Airport commented: “We have received extremely positive feedback from our Amadeus A-CDM Portal stakeholders.

“It is easy to use and enables them to make better decisions that contribute to smoother and more efficient operations.

“The portal supports all partners at the airport involved in activities from refuelling and de-icing and to ground handling and cargo.

“Those employees have access to real-time data about what’s happening across London Gatwick – it’s a game changer.”