Corinthia Hotels challenges global managers to meet health and safety standards

Corinthia Hotels challenges global managers to meet health and safety standards

Corinthia Hotels is pioneering a new approach to monitoring and maintaining health and safety standards across the board. The hotel group is working with health and safety experts Check Safety First to implement a risk management system at 10 of its luxury hotels worldwide, recognising its teams globally for meeting the required standards of hygiene as part of its business strategy. General Managers across the company will be regularly assessed on their ability to maintain these standards to deliver the best service to guests.

Corinthia Hotels around the globe have been using Check Safety First’s complete E-Cristal auditing system to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Following the success of the system at the group’s London hotel, its complete module package has been rolled out in Budapest, Khartoum, Lisbon, Prague Tripoli and St Petersburg.

E-Cristal is an electronic risk management system that gathers and records hygiene data while alerting managers to points of weakness. The package includes Foodcheck, Roomcheck, Firecheck, Safetycheck and Aquacheck. It gives managers 24/7 control across all properties and was developed in accordance with guidelines from the World Health Organisation.

Liam Lambert, Chief Operating Officer for Corinthia Hotels, said: “Attention to detail is the key to providing guests with a luxury experience. Our partnership with Check Safety First will ensure that first-class hygiene standards are the priority in all our hotels. We are using health and safety to measure the ability of our General Managers and their teams to deliver the highest standard of quality service to guests. We are reminding all colleagues to only expect what you inspect and don’t expect what you don’t inspect.”

Mark Harrington, CEO of Check Safety First said: “This new signing with Corinthia means we are now working worldwide to improve the quality of hotels for holidaymakers. The beauty of the solution is that it can be read and translated in nine different languages which means it can be used anywhere.”