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Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio arrives at Corinthia Lisbon

Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio arrives at Corinthia Lisbon

French podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez has announced the launch of his first location in Portugal.

Gonzalez will establish a Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio at the five-star Corinthia Lisbon.

Renowned for his playful and unique approach to foot care, Gonzalez is one of the world’s pioneering pedicure-podiatrists, and now boasts 21 Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios in the most exclusive hotels around the globe.

His ‘Révérence de Bastien’ products and tools for feet, hands and nails have received global acclaim, becoming a must-have among beauty cognoscenti.

The Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez at Corinthia Lisbon is managed by French podiatrist Laurine Boulard, who joins from the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio at the Datai Langkawi, Malaysia.


Boulard, like all Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio managers, is a fully qualified podiatrist and has been personally trained by Gonzalez to guarantee the quality of the treatments.

The new Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio in Lisbon offers a wide range of signature treatments including the Bastien Pedicure, a full nail and skin treatment complemented by a relaxing massage to relieve leg tension, discomfort and heaviness.

Gonzalez has further openings planned, including new Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios at the Anantara Kalutara Resort in Sri Lanka, to launch this year, and at the Grand Lisboa Palace in Macau in 2020.