Northwest Offers Holiday Travelers Self-Service Kiosks

Northwest Airlines (NWAC) today announced that its holiday travelers will have more check-in options, access to more convenient self-service check-in functionality, and use of all of these services at more airports than what`s offered by any other airline.

“In November alone, more than one million Northwest customers, many of them holiday travelers, busted through airport lines by taking advantage of Check-In and our E-Service Centers,” said Dirk McMahon, senior vice president of customer service. “As a result of an aggressive deployment of new E-Service Centers, in some cases as fast as 15 airports per week, we now have two time-saving self-service check-in options for customers in 139 airports throughout the United States and Canada, more than any other airline, including our largest competitors.”

Over the past month, the U.S. Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has begun streamlining the security screening process at several U.S. airports, and continues to phase in these changes at additional airports. In airports where the changes have been implemented, all customers are required to have a boarding pass to get through the security checkpoint.

In the first few weeks of the new requirements being implemented at Northwest`s WorldGateway at Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul hubs, the carrier saw an increase in the usage of Check-In and its many E-Service Centers located throughout the lobbies, pedestrian walkways, and parking structures.

“As a result of our multi-faceted self-service check-in program, the new security checkpoint requirements did not impact our customers,” McMahon continued. “In the cities where these changes have been implemented, Check-In and our E-Service Centers have given Northwest customers a clear time and convenience advantage over the customers of other airlines.”


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