Bahrain Is Set To Join The IATA BSP

Airlines and travel agencies in Bahrain are all set to join the IATA BSP (International Air Transport Association Billing and Settlement Plan) when it is implemented in Bahrain later this year.

Speaking on behalf of the airlines joining the plan Mr Radhi Yousif, senior manager tariffs and industry affairs at Gulf Air, the National Carrier, said: “BSP is a worldwide system that simplifies the selling, reporting and remitting procedures for sales and the settlement of accounts between airlines and agents. It enables a great improvement in service standards while saving all parties who are members time, effort and money.”

Travel agencies in Bahrain, who have already received a full briefing on the implementation of BSP, must have accreditation and approval in order to sell BSP airlines` tickets. They must be fully automated and e-mail connected. Agencies have until Sunday April 15, 2001 to deliver their application for membership. June 1 is the date for full implementation of the system.

An important feature of BSP is the standardisation of traffic documentation. Passenger tickets, MCOs and PTAs will all be issued in a standard format printed by the automated reservation system, meaning that agencies no longer have to hold different airline`s ticket stocks.

The IATA BSP Gulf Area Office, based in Sharjah, will handle the distribution of ticket forms, prepare the agency sales report and collect remittances from each agency for payments to the airlines. Agencies no longer have to prepare separate sales reports and remittances for each airline.


On behalf of airlines using Bahrain, BSP Gulf Area Office will provide the requisite training in the issuance of BSP documentation for all accredited travel agents` staff.

BSP Gulf has already been introduced in Qatar, Oman, Dubai and Northern Emirates. 52 airlines using Gulf airports have joined BSP Gulf Area. Worldwide, BSP operates in 148 countries which include Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in GCC area, has 372 participating carriers, is available at 48,813 agency locations and accounts for over US$ 117 billion gross sales.