Strikes across Europe

Thursday: Over the last few days FTO members have been informing customers due to fly
to Spain or return from a Spanish holiday on Thursday 20th June, that a
general strike called by Spanish trade unions may affect their travel and
other holiday arrangements.

Although the extent to which the strike will be supported is not yet
completely known, to minimise any potential disruption, tour operators have
already re-scheduled at least 50% of all flights due to fly into Spain on
Thursday. This is the first time that tour operators have re-scheduled
flights due to a general strike. All customers are being advised of the
Customers with concerns who are due to fly out to Spain this week are
advised to contact their tour operators to check on the status of their
flight and holiday arrangements.

Slight delays may occur at airports due to the rescheduling of flights and
customers travelling with children are therefore advised to have toys,
nappies, reading material etc in their hand luggage, along