New Version from Trip Network.

Trip Network, an independent affiliate of Cendant Corporation has released a new version of This release is just the first in a series that will further expand the travel Web site`s functionality, product offerings, and customization features.
“As the primary consumer portal for Trip Network, Inc., the new includes marked improvements over the previous site, yet it`s only a prelude to what`s on the horizon in 2002,” said Jacob Stepan, chief operating officer of Trip Network, Inc. “This first phase includes elements that already deliver greater value to customers in the form of exclusive and discounted inventory, broadened customer services, and enhanced site customization features.” provides consumers a full menu of travel services, complemented by destination information. These services include airline tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations, exclusive vacations rentals, and more. Some of the new and improved features of include:

Enhanced Search Features with Easier Booking Searching and booking are now completed in less time, with the ability to change criteria without initiating a new search.

Access to Preferred and Standard Inventory; now has preferred access to vacation rentals around the globe through Resort Condominium International (RCI). Travelers can also search among exclusive offerings as well as standard airline, hotel, and rental car inventory available to travel agents worldwide.