eMapSite`s mapping application kiosks go live!

eMapSite is have launched three prestige kiosk installations which are all now live in London and the South.

If you visited the recent GIS 2001 at Earls Court you will have seen the range of innovative mapping solutions for interactive touch-screen information kiosks.

It four touch screen interfaces afford access to over 5,000 locations within the Borough of Camden enabling you to find a museum to visit, a specialist retail outlet, an ATM or even somewhere else to eat, all through the easy to use map and airphoto interface showing your favourite haunts as you`ve never seen them before, it also tells you how to get between all these places by bus too. You will find these Kiosks at the Camden Lock Information Centre, which opened for business at the end of October.

These Kiosks are at the forefront of the revolution in providing free-standing, always-on interaction to target audiences. To date all eMapSite kiosks target the broad tourist/visitor group; in synthesising data from Ordnance Survey, getmapping, Bartholomew Mapping Solutions and e-street, eMapSite mapping applications deliver information relevant to the chosen audience.

These mapping solutions can be supplied as a complete turnkey solution or as part of a networked or web-based solution, and can be configured to suit a myriad of needs, ranging from tourism through to public services.




For more information, visit www.emapsite.com