Finnair pushing in-flight exercise routine

Finnair is launching a new mode of in-flight exercise based on the Asahi technique on board its long-haul flights. Passengers will be given the opportunity to stretch their limbs starting September on board intercontinental flights to Asian and New York.

The Asahi technique, combines Finnish and Asian health know-how. Asahi can be roughly translated as “sunrise”.

“The Asahi technique is a wonderful addition to our Asian flights. It will make our passengers feel more alert even after longer flights. The technique is an excellent way to improve one’s physical wellbeing and it can be practiced anywhere,” explained Business Controller Tero Lohimäki from Finnair.

Asahi is particularly well suited for flights as it can also be practiced sitting down. In addition it does not cause sweating. After the exercise, passengers feel relaxed and comfortable.

Based on modern, scientific knowledge about physical education, Asahi consists of slow movements which are completed in silence. The easy-to-understand technique suits people of all age groups, in different physical condition, from first-timers to athletes.


Asahi was developed by four Finnish men, Timo Klemola, Ilpo Jalamo, Keijo Mikkonen and Yrjö Mähönen, all professional sports instructors and athletes, who wanted to create a simple yet effective exercise technique.