Etihad rolls out TV commercial

Etihad Airways’ global brand will soon be seen flying across many of the world’s leading television networks as the Abu Dhabi-based airline launches its first international TV commercial.
The commercial will be screened from mid-May in many of the airline’s top international markets including Australia, the Middle East and Europe. It was filmed entirely in the UAE in a variety of locations including Abu Dhabi airport and on board one of the airline’s Airbus A340-500 aircraft.

A special premiere of the commercial was shown to Etihad staff at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel, on Monday (7 May) evening which was attended by Etihad Airways’ chairman, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan and chief executive, James Hogan.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ executive vice president marketing and product, said: “The commercial is an important milestone for Etihad Airways because it will build brand awareness across so many key markets. It will also enable new customers to view Etihad’s award-winning in-flight product and the growing destinations flown by the airline.”

The commercial was written by global advertising agency TBWA, and directed by Jim Wheedon from London-based Bare Films who has worked on several world-renowned projects including the movie smash hit “Gladiator”.

Andrew Ward, EVP at TBWA, said: “In order for Etihad to achieve its global ambitions the airline has used the services of the advertising industry’s top professionals to produce the commercial. The final product is highly sophisticated which will appeal to business and leisure travellers throughout the world.”


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