Barclaycard rolls out hotel billing solution

Barclaycard Business is signing an agreement with Conferma to provide a new online centralised hotel settlement solution.  The solution will streamline hotel payments for businesses and will resolve hotel bill back issues.  This will in turn benefit buyers, intermediaries and suppliers in the travel industry cutting down on both administration time and cost.

The deal will see Barclaycard Business gaining 12 months exclusive rights as the only card provider for the centralised payment solution.

By working in conjunction with Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) and Hotel Booking Agencies (HBA’s), the tool allows Barclaycard Business to give clients greater transparency of hotel folio data, including separating out room nights from other spend to provide a detailed analysis of total spend. This solution functions by combining the TMC/HBA’s booking information with the actual amount charged to the client’s Barclaycard Business card account and, optionally, adding detailed hotel folio data.

Denise Leleux, Director of Commercial Cards at Barclaycard Business, said:
‘The increased demand for hotel folio data from our customers has meant that Barclaycard Business and Conferma Ltd have an exciting proposition to meet customer needs.  By streamlining the hotel bill back process all stakeholders will benefit. Businesses will be able to centralise their hotel spend and travel management companies and hotel booking agencies can benefit from a more streamlined process and reduced financial exposure.  And of course hotels will benefit from swifter settlement. It is a win-win solution.’

Paul Raymond, Managing Director of Conferma, commented:
‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with Barclaycard Business to implement this system which provides an automated, centralised, commercial card solution to hotel ‘bill back.’