Dubai’s Ritz Carlton offers GPS devices

The hotel’s Concierge service offers a selection of unique mobile devices for hire to guests who need a little assistance in finding their way around Dubai. The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai is the first hotel in Middle East to introduce portable GPS devices for guests

Instead of giving guests a map to follow to their destination, a guest can rent either a mobile or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) device according to their requirements. The devices are both integrated with a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, preloaded with SuperNav software and UAE maps.

Both devices fix the user’s position from the hotel lobby and once the user has entered the address they require, the device will automatically draw the route between the two points and advice the person visually and via audio on the directions they have to follow, even whilst in transit to the destination. Should the user take the wrong turn, the device will automatically inform the person that it is a wrong path and re-route them.

It is also a very handy tool for businessmen with a number of meetings throughout the day, as the device will automatically route and save the path from one meeting to another, with additional advice on the estimated travel time.

The makers of the device, namely RTE built on SuperBase, ensure that all the maps are continuously updated and employ more than 200 data-collectors to survey the roads in case there are any changes due to road repairs or construction.


‘We are pleased to announce that we are the first hotel in the Middle East to introduce this service, and it has already had such a positive impact on our guests, commented Sameh Ibrahim the Director of Information Technology at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai.

‘With these devices available, our guests will be able to explore Dubai on their own, and will never get lost again.’ he said.