CT2 buys into Version One solution

UK independent tour operator and charter-flight only
company, CT2, has moved to an e-invoicing solution from Version One in order to
cut costs.CT2, which operates both CT2-flights (www.ct2-flights.com) and
low cost flight operation Locoflights (www.locoflights.com), is saving over
?50,000 per year with Version One?s e-invoicing solution and has made a
return on its investment in just seven weeks!

Posting over 200,000 invoices every year to travel agents and online
customers was proving very expensive and time-consuming, and didn?t fit
into CT2?s online business model. Graham Currey, IT Director from CT2
explains, “Flight only operators are in a fiercely competitive industry and
so cutting costs and improving customer service became top priorities.
Version One’s e-invoicing solution has revolutionised our invoice
processes. Not only have we seen a return in our investment in just seven
weeks, we can now follow up online bookings with the automated delivery of
invoices, saving time and money whilst significantly enhancing the customer
travel experience.”

With Version One’s system in place, which took just three weeks to
implement (from signing the contract to going ‘live’), invoices are created
using a flexible form design module and are then automatically emailed out
as PDF attachments. Copies of all outgoing invoices are automatically saved
as XML documents on CT2’s back-office system, enabling the credit control
team to refer to them when resolving invoice queries.

As invoice delivery is now fully automated, CT2 can invoice customers at
all times of the day and night and even when the office is closed,
speeding-up the receipt of payment. Furthermore, as well as saving on
printing and postage costs, CT2 has also been able to redeploy back-office
administration staff into more critical sales roles, providing greater
selling opportunities.

The decision to implement Version One?s system was based upon a couple of
key factors, as Currey clarifies, “We looked at a number of e-invoicing
solutions on the market and Version One?s system was undoubtedly head and
shoulders above the rest. Unlike other solutions we evaluated, Version
One’s e-invoicing system has the flexibility to provide invoices in a
number of different formats according to agent requirements. Some travel
agents prefer to be emailed with a PDF for every invoice raised whereas
others prefer a batch of invoices in a single PDF. Whatever their
requirements, we have been able to quickly and easily accommodate them.”


Currey continues, “Importantly, Version One’s system is extremely
cost-effective. Unlike some competitor products, there is a one-off payment
on purchase rather than an ongoing charge for every invoice produced,
providing a clear and swift payback. In fact, the payback has been so
impressive that we are already looking at using Version One’s solution for
the electronic delivery of statements in addition to invoices. This will
provide us with even greater cost savings and will further improve customer
service, ensuring CT2 remains a market leader.”