Intellistrand buys 127 .travel sites

Intellistrand, a developer of city, state and leisure portal Internet sites, announced the purchase of 127 .travel domain web sites through the Tralliance Corporation.The purchase includes many leading tourism and travel destinations in the world such as , , , and . Intellistrand is branding each web site with its own logo. Nine of the web sites are currently live on the Internet including , and .

The other web sites are still in the development stages and will all be launched by July 2006.

Unlike other Internet travel portals that provide general hotel information for a large number of locations, each of Intellistrand’s .travel web sites is specific to each city, providing travelers to each locale with extensive and deep content to further ensure a rich traveling experience. Each .travel web site will give travelers the opportunity to plan their excursions online with discounted rates and special offers on hotels and resorts for each destination.

In addition, each web site features Google Earth’s interactive satellite mapping. This allows guests to see exactly where their hotel is located in relation to other attractions in each city, ensuring that each reservation is secured in a central location acceptable to each guest’s itinerary.