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Born Outside Italy Unveils Plans for Sneaker Island: Where Fashion Sets Foot In Dubai Real Estate

Born Outside Italy has unveiled plans to redefine luxury living in Dubai with a conceptual development provisionally called Sneaker Island.

This ambitious project presents Dubai’s first fusion of fashion and real estate, promising a step beyond luxury where sneaker culture meets low-top luxury living. With a vision to situate against Dubai’s coastline, the luxury residences will offer a beachfront bliss where comfort and style are literally a drop in the ocean.

Designed to cater to the immediate needs of sneaker and fashion enthusiasts, Sneaker Island’s architectural design and touchpoints will reflect the latest in footwear design and innovation while epitomising Dubai’s unparalleled beachfront luxury living.

From sleek, contemporary architecture to luxurious amenities, the residential concept is poised to set a new standard in residential living that will lift you off your feet. Expect to lace up and stroll past elegant beachfront properties with striking floor-to-ceiling windows, and open living spaces capturing the essence of beautifully crafted public areas to comfortable, layered inner living areas.

Alfredo Bandini, Founder of Born Outside Italy comments: “Sneaker Island represents a bold departure from traditional real estate developments. We believe that true luxury lies in the finest materials with impeccable construction. We aim to bring together the worlds of fashion and architecture in this groundbreaking project. We hope to create a unique space for individuals to fully live life on their terms and express themselves by indulging in their passion for sneakers.”

“At Born Outside Italy, we embrace the untameable spirit of independence and celebrate freedom of thought and personal expression, so what better way than to build a community to reflect just that?” Bandini adds.
Born Outside Italy extends a warm invitation to investors, buyers, and prospective residents to join them on this visionary journey. Sneaker Island promises not just a place to live, but a lifestyle destination where fashion has a new foothold.

For more information about Sneaker Island and to book your place in sneaker history visit: or contact +971 52 688 7234 and leave your sneaker size at the tone.