Malaysia asks Aussies to retract warning

Malaysia is asking Australia to retract a travel advisory against visiting the state of Sabah because of the risk of a terrorist threat. According to the Bernama news agency, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the risk of a terrorist threat was inaccurate.

Najib said Malaysia had no knowledge of any report that might have been referred to by the Australian government for it to issue such a travel advisory.

“We can’t do anything if a foreign country wants to issue travel advisories but, in the case of Sabah, we’re sure the security situation there is under control, with many police and military personnel being deployed there. There are no untoward incidents happening in Sabah,” he told Bernama.

“Any travel advisory would cause worry among foreign tourists and, therefore, it’s our responsibility to do something so that this will not continue.”

Najib was referring to a travel advisory issued by Australia’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Department on its website and referred to in the local press.


“Though we don’t agree, though we’re not happy with what has been done by Australia, we’ve to do something so that they can withdraw the travel advisory as soon as possible,” Najib said.

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