Marienbad, World Class Spa Resort in the Czech Republic Gains BISA 6 Wave Accreditation

Marienbad, the internationally famous spa town in the west of the Czech Republic has been the latest of the worldå‘s great spas to gain BISA 6 Wave accreditation. 
The spa was first founded on its mineralised springs, which include naturally carbonated source waters. Marienbad came into prominence at the end of the 19th century when it was patronised by the rich and famous.
Visitors have included Edward VII of England and Kaiser Franz Josef. The resort flourished throughout the first half of the 20th century but suffered after World War II when it became a State Health Resort under the Socialist regime.
The magnificent architecture survived this period and since 1990 Marienbad has rapidly developed once again as an international medical spa. It is described as one of the Seven Wonders of the Spa World and its magical palace like buildings and parks liken it to fairyland. 

In recognition of the successful endeavours of Marienbad Kur and Spa Hotels in restoring the principal buildings and public facilities to former glory, the creation of unique attractions such as the Fountain of Beautiful Music and the development of modern medical and pampering spa facilities, BISA has no hesitation in awarding the 6 Wave highest grading.
In addition four hotels identified within the town have also been awarded BISA 5 Wave accreditation. These are the Hvezda, Skalnik, Pacific and the Nove Lazne. Together they have more than 200 medically qualified staff to care for spa guests in addition to regular employees.  Spa visitors enjoy a range of modern medical and therapy programmes, combined with a leisure and recreation vacation, all in a luxurious setting that is a combination of modern and traditional style and service. 

International tourism recognises that BISA accreditation is a worldwide endorsement that influences tourists in destination choice. The price advantages mean that Marienbad is particularly popular with Western Europeans for spa vacations and this market opportunity will be strengthened when the Czech Republic joins the EC shortly.
BISA, the British International Spa Association has been developing its Wave system for spas since 1998 and as such it is leading the world in the establishment and promotion of global standards.
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