Per Aquum Resort & Spa In The Maldives

There are few places in the world that provide a rejuvenating encounter with water, like the newly established Aquum Spa. å‘Salus Per Aquumå’ translates as `health through water`.
The vision by its parent company, Per Aquum Resort & Spas is to launch a collection of healing spas set in pristine locations surrounded by water.
Radiant. Clear. Translucent. Continual. Water is the source of our philosophy. It’s a body of light to immerse in for rejuvenation, a tonic for longevity and the elixir of life. Here we can experience calm as well as restore balance.
It soothes the mindstream and renews vitality. The soul of Aquum Spa is about living authentic to nature. Water teaches us transience and the infinite potential in us all.
Our energy is fluid, relaxed and evolving. We offer spirited experiences with water to bring about lasting rejuvenation.
We combine soothing architecture with cutting edge spa technology and the very best in water therapies. Each spa will be individual in design reflecting the natural harmony of the surrounding waters.
Our dedication to wellness is absolute. Through our in-house spa trainer and off-site master training programs including Chiva Som Academy, we continue to refine the skills and talents of our therapists to maintain the Aquum Spa standards.
Committed to perfection of treatment and standard, Aquum Spa has partnered with the renowned UK Elemis brand. Our menu includes remedies and rituals to nourish the mind and body.
We merge east with west using the universal and life-giving properties of fresh seawater, nutritious sea plants and minerals as well as indigenous plants, herbs and flowers from nature close by.
Our interest is in simplicity. We prefer a real and understated environment so that all people who come to stay will feel immediately at home.
Understanding that every person is unique and requires personal attention, each is offered a complimentary health consultation.
Whilst one can book into our day or week long pre-packaged wellness programs, we custom-design retreats to suit the individuals lifestyle and requirements.
The Aquum Spa Menu consists of the following:

* Facials

* Wellbeing Massages

* Body Glow

* Body Wraps

* Bathing Ceremonies

* Signature Rituals

* Ayurveda Treatments

* Hydrotherapy

* Essential Finishing Touches

* Yoga

* Stretch

* Personal Training

* Fitness Classes

Aquum has a team of spa professionals, who brings an extensive range of spa experiences and related disciplines and offer management services to existing and newly built spas.
Consultancy services offered include activities from the early stages of conception and design, to recruitment and operating procedures, through to training and treatment menus.
Aquum Spas are located at, Huvafen Fushi, North Male’ Atoll, Maldives and Kurumba, North Male’ Atoll, Maldives.
Aquum Spa is a world away. It’s a place where one can travel to and let the thoughts of yesterday be washed away making room for fresh inspiration and energy to manifest. Our dream is crystal clear - that each guest will depart with experiences at Aquum Spa soaked forever in their spirit.

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