Travelocity Business Is First Online Agency With Proven Full Service Corporate Travel Solution

Travelocity Business today announced it is making the most powerful
and proven full-service corporate travel solution widely available to
large corporations. While Travelocity Business initially emphasized its
solution for small and medium-sized businesses, it is now the only online
agency offering a solution that has been proven in the Fortune 500 for
more than two years. The Travelocity Business solution is already used by
companies such as General Dynamics, Liberty Mutual, and Computer
Associates whose travel manager was named travel manager of the year by
Business Travel News for its innovative use of the solution.

Travelocity Business now offers a full range of corporate travel solutions
that includes a broader set of options for business travelers and
significant cost savings for companies of any size - from small
businesses to the largest multinational corporations. It gives customers
the greatest set of options for influencing the use of corporate policies
and negotiated discounts, as well as providing data collection and
reporting that allow corporations to get the most from their travel
spending. Travelocity Business also includes advanced online and offline
travel management services needed to address the complex and diverse needs
of large corporations.

“A new generation of full service corporate travel providers is now
promising to significantly reduce companies’ travel costs, while
maintaining high service levels,” said Ellen Keszler, president of
Travelocity Business. “However, other offerings don’t have the full set of
options needed by larger corporations to manage travel, which is vital to
serving travelers, while best leveraging a company’s buying power. Only
Travelocity Business delivers online technology and offline travel
services that have already been helping Fortune 500 companies save
millions of dollars for years.”

Benefiting Companies of Any Size

Travelocity Business reduces travel costs by more than $100

—over 20
percent per trip and offers other significant benefits to companies of
any size, including:


—Cuts up to 26 percent off average ticket prices through Travelocity
Business’ low fare search capabilities, Web fares, and special Travelocity
Business-negotiated travel choices;
—Offers service fees as low as $5
for online transactions and $20 for phone bookings
—up to 84 percent
savings compared to traditional agencies;
—Provides specially trained
agents 24x7 who typically answer the phone in 20 seconds
—and within 60
seconds guaranteed;
—Influences use of corporate policies and preferred
—Delivers comprehensive data collection and reporting.

In addition to offering cost savings and service benefits to companies of
any size, Travelocity Business is now delivering its proven range of
advanced online and offline travel management options to address the
complex nature of large corporate programs. These options help large
companies achieve additional cost benefits by creating traveler-purchasing
patterns that allow companies to form stronger relationships with
suppliers to better negotiate and use discounts.
Some of these options

—More flexible set of automated options that allow companies to easily
influence traveler selection of millions of different combinations of
airlines, hotels and car rental companies that help give business
travelers the best choices for specific destinations, while helping the
company get the best long term prices;
—Ability to set up intelligent
controls and custom messages that help travelers book trips online that
stay within company policy;
—Extended online and offline travel
reporting tool with a new level of detailed data collection and reporting
that allows companies to slice and dice travel spending in hundreds of
different reports to analyze trends in specific markets and gain better
discounts. This includes an online dashboard that tracks booking and call
volumes, and costs;
—Additional travel management services for large
corporations include optional VIP phone service, custom service level
agreements, comprehensive quality assurance support for online booking,
expert online site management, adoption consulting and local account

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