Boughaleb to lead Moroccan National Tourist Office in UK

Boughaleb to lead Moroccan National Tourist Office in UK

The Moroccan National Tourist Office has announced the appointment of Amine Boughaleb as its UK director.

Boughaleb’s remit will include promoting Morocco as a destination that offers an unforgettable seaside and a unique cultural experience to British travellers.

He has many years of experience within the travel and tourism sector, most recently having set up Select Travel & Event, a travel agency specialising in travel conferences and incentives for national and international clients. 

Previously he spent six years as associate director general at Partner Hotels, a collection of the finest hotels and Riads in Morocco.

The announcement comes following the British prime minister, David Cameron’s speech on foreign policy at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in which he pledged to “change the face of British trade overseas across the globe”, highlighting Morocco in particular as a valuable market with which to improve trade relations.

Boughaleb will help to foster the relationship between Morocco and the UK.

His rich and diverse professional tourism experience will bring added value to the image and commercialisation of Morocco in the UK as a travel destination.

Speaking about his ambitions in his new role of Boughaleb said: “The U.K. is second only to France in providing the greatest numbers of visitors to our beautiful country and I am looking towards the future to expand and develop Moroccan tourism with much anticipation.

“I am passionate about implementing a focused strategy to ensure that the U.K. market, as one of our main priorities, sees Morocco develop into one of the most sought after holiday destinations for British tourists.”