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WAYN reveals South African travel connection

WAYN reveals South African travel connection has revealed today the extent of its partnership with South Africa Tourism.

Over the last six years, and further various digital marketing initiatives on the WAYN platform, over 280,000 users added a trip to South Africa.

Further research and user profile data confirmed circa $600 on tourism activities per traveller over a six days average stay, excluding air travel.

This represents circa $168,000,000 of tourism spend in the country or circa R2bn, since 2009.

The top countries of origin included France, India, Mauritius, the UK, US, Germany and the UAE which represent nearly 50 per cent of all arrivals.


In addition to the spend generated in the country, South Africa Tourism benefits from an active audience of 712,000 fans globally and this has been growing at a rate of 410 fans daily.

South Africa Tourism also confirmed that over 840,000 WAYN users have expressed strong intentions to visit the country.

Jerome Touze, co-founder of said: ‘’Having relocated myself to South Africa, I am very pleased to see how attractive this destination is getting each year.

“The French, American and Indian markets are ones to watch out for with strong interests originating from those destinations.

He added: ‘’I am a big fan of South Africa.

“The sheer beauty of this country and the diversity of the landscapes as well as the warmth of its people must be experienced at least once in your lifetime’’ allows users from all over the world to discover new destinations to travel to and seek to inspire other users via the experiences and contributions from other travellers and locals.

The site recently launched a Social Opinion engine, which is now generating over 50,000 opinions daily. attracts over 120,000,000 visitors annually.