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WAYN reveals dream destinations for travellers

WAYN reveals dream destinations for travellers Dubai was among the dream destinations selected by WAYN users

WAYN has revealed the top seven dream destinations in the world as chosen by its 21 million users worldwide.

The destinations will fight it out for pole position in a user vote this month.

The seven global hot spots are Indonesia, Fiji, South Africa, Dubai, India, Brazil and Turkey. 

The nominated destinations (both cities and countries) were selected by employing a combination of market research data and tracking user engagement on

“Most recently, India saw an increase number of interest, both for business and leisure travels in destinations such as Delhi, Punjab, Uttrakhand and Kashmir,” said Jerome Touze, co-founder of

He added: ‘’Brazil was also voted favourite destinations in Latin America, with 40% of respondents from a panel of 38,000 users saying it would be their first choice in South America.

“It will be interesting to see which destination will achieve the top spot when it comes to our user vote but being nominated in the top seven is already a great recognition of the work these destinations are doing.’’

Dubai is in a very strong position with over ten million tourists having travelled there in 2012, its highest ever annual visitor figure.

The department of tourism and commerce marketing revealed a 9.3 per cent increase in the number of visitors to the Emirate in 2012.

WAYN’s 21 million users will have the chance to vote for their favourite destination in the next two weeks, out of the seven listed, with prizes up for grabs for those who vote.

Additionally, each nominee will receive US$70,000 of marketing promotion globally, out of a US$500,000 marketing contribution from Where Are You Now?

Touze said ‘I’m extremely excited about this campaign.

“We are in a unique position whereby we have data on over 21 million users in over 193 countries who communicate regularly with one another about their trip plans - where in the world they want to go and what they want to do when they get there…

“Going forward, we intend to roll out more leading award recognitions for the travel and tourism industry, so watch this space!”

WAYN has developed an exclusive microsite for the campaign, which goes live today.

The nominated destinations will receive exposure on WAYN, media coverage and further market research insight for their destinations.