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WAYN launches search for top island destination

WAYN launches search for top island destination

WAYN has launched a global campaign to discover the number one island destination in the world.

The site’s 21 million members will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite over a period of two weeks.

The seven nominated islands, battling it out for the top spot are Reunion, Seychelles, Bali, Hawaii, Ibiza, Bahamas and Zanzibar.

The nominated destinations were selected through a combination of market research data and tracking user engagement on 

Members can vote for their favourite island via an exclusive microsite with Amazon vouchers up for grabs for the lucky winners.

Peter Ward, chief executive and co-founder, WAYN said: “It will be interesting to see which way the competition swings, the seven islands are not only varied in location and culture, but in lifestyle as well.

“It will really depend on whether our WAYN users dream of a peaceful paradise, a jungle adventure or buzzing nightlife.”

The seven islands campaign follows the successful competition WAYN ran in April to find the top dream destination in the world, over 78,000 votes were received with the winning destination, South Africa gaining over 15,300 votes.

Ward added: “With competitions like these, WAYN can discover common interests amongst our users from every age bracket, all over the world and as well as giving us invaluable insight into where our users want to go.

“WAYN will be rolling out a number of similar campaigns over the coming months.”