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Unique and authentic massages at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico

Unique and authentic massages at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico DF offers unique and authentic massages that are true to the traditions of the beautiful country of Mexico.  A full menu of massages is offered, but the ones that have drawn the most interest are the Pre-Hispanic Massage and the Mexican Massage, which were introduced this year with great success.

The Pre-Hispanic Massage is a magical journey that takes guests to the country’s origins through the elements that compose it with pre-Hispanic music with the sounds of drums, conchs and whistles.

The Pre-Hispanic Massage combines diverse ancestral techniques:

  Ingestion of mezcal with chocolate
  Spiritual cleansing with copal (an aromatic resin)
  Sensory massage applying mezcal with oil
  Pre-Hispanic music

The combination of these elements helps balance the harmony of the body by activating the emotional energetic blood circulation.


It provides a deep meditation because it concentrates the mind; the massage relaxes the muscles and increases inner strength, relieves pain and prevents diseases, soothes emotions and feelings that have been kept in the corporal memory.

This massage has indigenous elements such as the mezcal - a drink processed through cooking, fermentation and distillation of the maguey from the region of Oaxaca; amaranth - a plant of the same name that contains high nutritional value, calcium, protein and iron; and semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa beans.

When ingesting these elements, substances such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and cytosine, which are the hormones of happiness, and cell regenerators are released.

Other elements that are used for this massage are the ambiance of the place with pre-Hispanic special music, copal incense, oil prepared with citrus essence, a thermal blanket and refreshing lavender lotion. The latter two produce the effect of a temazcal, an ancient method of purification, physical and emotional cleansing, calming at the psychic level.

The massage technique includes soft circular movements for open cleansing. Everything applied in this massage stimulates the senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, leading guests to experience well-being, pleasure and relaxation.

The Mexican Massage uses:

  Hot towels
  White tequila (pure)
  Sage oil previously heated in the oven
  Hot aromatic mini-sacks

The Mexican massage is an extraordinary Mexican experience, in which guests can enjoy an exquisite massage, making it possible to enjoy an ancestral experience. It focuses on physical well-being, since tequila is a Mexican drink that helps control some diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and colon problems when ingested. During this exquisite massage, application of oil on the body is an antiseptic that helps to eliminate bacteria. In addition, with this massage, the sensation is of total relaxation and comfort since sage is a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory.

The massage technique is simple and consists of rubbing tequila all over the body and once activated, the relaxing massage begins. In the end, hot mini-sacks are placed on the back, designed to soothe, relax and eliminate discomfort, providing relief and relaxation.

The benefits of the massage elements such as tequila make it comforting, removing accumulated fat in the epidermis, and it is antiseptic and kills bacteria. Sage is an anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant; used as a natural antibiotic, and also prevents hair loss. The aromatic mini-sacks contain salts and quartzes, and when heated they transmit energy and a relaxation sensation. Thanks to the combination of thermotherapy with aromatherapy, this massage is an excellent aid in rehabilitation therapies. Warm compresses increase body temperature and accelerate circulation and eliminate toxins.

The massages are given by highly trained therapists, and can be enjoyed in the Hotel’s Athletic Club or in the comfort of a guest’s own room.