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TripAdvisor reaches 75 million travel reviews

TripAdvisor reaches 75 million travel reviews

TripAdvisor has announced it now features more than 75 million travel reviews and opinions, up from 50 million one year ago.

A testament to the site’s enduring usefulness and freshness of content, the company also reports remarkable growth in other key areas, including membership.

The TripAdvisor community has skyrocketed to 32 million marketable members worldwide, up from 20 million one year ago.

Fifty contributions are posted to the site per minute, up from 25 one year ago.

The site now carries over 11 million user-submitted images, an increase of four million in one year.

over 610,000 hotels, 880,000 restaurants and 200,000 attractions are represented, 50 percent more total properties than were listed one year ago.

“By reaching 75 million reviews and opinions on over one and a half million businesses, TripAdvisor content is even more comprehensive and current for travellers who rely on the site for travel planning,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor.

“We remain grateful to our passionate community of travellers around the world whose insights have helped to make the site the invaluable tool that it is today.”

Take a look at an infograhpic explaining where the reviews come from here.