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Sorenson diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Sorenson diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Marriott International has announced that president and chief executive, Arne Sorenson, has been diagnosed with stage two pancreatic cancer.

Sorenson, who took up the role in 2012 and is just the third leader in the history of the company, will remain in his role while undergoing treatment.

He received the diagnosis from a medical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after a series of tests.


In a message to Marriott International associates, Sorenson, 60, noted: “The cancer was discovered early.

“It does not appear to have spread and the medical team – and I – are confident that we can realistically aim for a complete cure.

“In the meantime, I intend to continue working at the company I love.

“Let me make one request, look ahead with me.

“We have great work underway at Marriott.

“I am as excited by what we can accomplish together as I have ever been.”

Sorenson’s treatment plan will begin next week with chemotherapy.

His doctors anticipate surgery near the end 2019.