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Singapore hopes to launch Hong Kong travel bubble next month

Singapore hopes to launch Hong Kong travel bubble next month

Authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong have agreed to try and launch a travel bubble between the two next month.

The long-delayed initiative was first slated to begin in November, but was suspended after a sudden spike of Covid-19 infections in Hong Kong.

It is now hoped the project can begin on May 26th.

If it goes ahead, the bubble will be the second major air route in the region after Australia and New Zealand resumed flights last week.

“I am happy that Hong Kong got the Covid-19 situation under control.


“It has been a long few months, but the conditions are now ripe again to re-launch the air travel bubble,” said Ong Ye Kung, Singapore minister for transport.

The bubble will begin with just one flight a day in each direction, carrying a maximum of 200 passengers for the first two weeks.

All passengers departing from Hong Kong are required to be vaccinated, and passengers from both cities are expected to take a test within three days of departure and again on arrival.

The bubble will be suspended for at least two weeks if the seven-day moving average of unlinked community cases in either city increases to more than five.

Travellers from both cities will be required to download contact-tracing apps prior to their departure.

“Our goal remains striking a right balance between public health and travel convenience so that the public will feel assured while providing certainty,” added Hong Kong secretary for commerce and economic development, Edward Yau.