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Khiri Travel Expands into responsible golf tours

Khiri Travel Expands into responsible golf tours Karl Hans and Andre van der Marck celebrate the launch

Khiri Travel Thailand has confirmed it will start to promote golf itineraries in Thailand, using only courses that try to help the environment, heritage and the community.

The initiative has been made possible by a pioneering partnership between Khiri Travel Thailand and Business Golf Thailand, founded by Professional Golf Association player Karl Hans, a 25-year PGA golf professional who’s been based in Thailand for five years.

BGT will handle all aspects of the golf.

Khiri will combine the golf element with creative and personalised travel experiences.

Both will ensure that the golf courses used have a proven track record of social and environmental responsibility.

Business Golf Thailand and Graham Read, Khiri’s sustainability and responsible tourism manager, are currently assessing golf courses based on CSR criteria.

These include educational and training opportunities for staff, use of local products, energy saving devices, systems to reduce water consumption, measures to protect biodiversity around the course, reduced use of fertilisers and pesticides, and a general commitment to CSR practices and charitable causes.

“We aim to deliver high quality golf tours for caring golfers,” said Hans.

“The partnership with Khiri will create value-added golf experiences that appeal to leisure, incentive and FIT market segments who believe that tourism, and even golf tourism, can be a force for good.”

Hans, a Belgian national, specialises in creating golf events that complement business conferences, sales meetings, management seminars and product launches.

Golf tourism is a new territory for Khiri Travel.

“At Khiri we’re committed to innovation and creative partnerships,” said André van der Marck, vice president, Khiri Travel.

“Karl is keen to uphold responsible values in the golf sector. I’m optimistic about our partnership and what we can achieve.”

For further information on the Khiri-BGT partnership visit the Khiri website.