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Heidi Unveils ‘FlexiFly’ to Unlock a World of Skiing Possibilities

Heidi Unveils ‘FlexiFly’ to Unlock a World of Skiing Possibilities

Heidi has announced the launch of ‘FlexiFly’, a game-changing feature designed for the modern skier. FlexiFly introduces unmatched flexibility in air travel, allowing customers to tailor their flights to suit their unique needs and preferences, ensuring they make the most out of the remaining ski season. Plus, will allow them to make informed choices into next year.
For ski and winter enthusiasts, Heidi’s latest news - hot on the heels of its recent launch of its flexible payment offering - further positions Heidi as the most flexible and innovative skiing brand on the market.

Unparalleled Flexibility

FlexiFly allows skiers to:

Fly with different airlines for outbound and inbound journeys (e.g. British Airways out, EasyJet back).
Arrive and depart from different airports (e.g. Barcelona outbound, Toulouse inbound).
Utilise different airports for departure and arrival, exclusively for flights in and out of London, offering unprecedented convenience for the capital’s travellers.
Key benefits of FlexiFly

This innovative feature offers two significant benefits to Heidi’s customers:


Increased availability: FlexiFly opens a plethora of options for travel dates and times, accommodating unique schedules like Thursday to Tuesday trips, which may not always be possible with traditional flight bookings. It also gives customers more choice on flight times, such as arriving earlier or leaving later, to allow more time on the slopes.

Cost efficiency: By leveraging the flexibility to fly with different airlines or from/to different airports, customers can enjoy savings on their trips. Heidi prioritises showing the cheapest travel options first, though customers can opt for traditional bookings if preferred. The average holiday saves £100 by using FlexiFly.

Industry leading growth and commitment

Founded in 2018 by Blunt brothers, Marcus and Alexander, Heidi has rapidly grown from initial sales of £500k and is on-track to achieve a staggering £38M in its sixth year. This success story reflects the founders’ deep-rooted passion for skiing, inherited from their Norwegian heritage, and their commitment to providing flexible mountain adventures.

Marcus Blunt, co-founder of Heidi, expressed his enthusiasm: “I’ve wanted to offer Heidi customers the option to fly flexibly for a long time, so I’m delighted we’ve launched this new feature. It will bring our customers much greater availability for their chosen travel dates, and in many cases, cheaper prices too.”

Statistics reveal that 26% of Heidi’s ski holidays have become more affordable thanks to FlexiFly, with about a third of customers opting for this innovative solution for its convenience and cost benefits.

Heidi was born from a desire to transform the winter ski market. The Blunt brothers have skillfully combined their travel industry experience and technical expertise to create a platform that offers thousands of flexible and affordable skiing options. From families seeking beginner-friendly packages to groups looking for exciting mid-week getaways, Heidi covers all bases, including ski passes and equipment, all covered under ATOL protection. This initiative underscores Heidi’s mission to make mountain adventures more accessible and enjoyable for all.