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French forest fire “under control”

French forest fire “under control”

A forest fire in the South of France that forced the evacuation of thousands of holidaymakers is reported to be “under control”.

The blaze, which police have blamed on arsonists, started on Saturday close to oil refineries near l’Etang de Berre, about 25km west of Marseille, before spreading eastwards.

Fanned by strong winds, large areas of arid woodland and vegetation were destroyed by the fire. Planes dropped water over the area as 2,000 tourists were evacuated from a campsite at Carry Le Rouet near Marseille.

Hundreds of firemen were battling to put out the flames, which spread over 3.5 square miles of land.

By evening, firemen had brought the wildfire under control. There were no reported injuries.


Firefighters said about 650 hectares (1,600 acres) of forest had been destroyed.
The blaze, believed to be arson, is understood to have started after a car was set on fire.