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DNR VR invites guests to Survive the Night this Halloween

DNR VR invites guests to Survive the Night this Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is creeping up and this year DNR VR is challenging visitors to ‘Survive the Night’ in a one-off Halloween experience.

Many use Halloween as an opportunity to settle down to watch the usual horror flick of a group of friends attempt to survive the night in a haunted house or zombie apocalypse, but the first and largest virtual reality arcade in London allows guests to go one step further and live the experience through a frightfully real virtual reality setting.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves as they find their way out of the haunted Hospital Of Horror, evade the supernatural in Manor of Escape or navigate a zombie post-apocalyptic world as one of a few survivors in Arizona Sunshine, as well as many other horror arcade games and experiences on offer.

The event takes place on October 29th, from 19:00-22:00 at Battersea Power Station, 18 Arches Lane, London, SW11 8AB.

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DNA VR is a social and active experience with the attraction featuring both “tethered experiences,” hosted in VR pods and “free roam,” where customers move around a larger room in unison, allowing for a more immersive experience.

The VR pods allow up to ten people in the same game and offer true escapism with flying and teleporting encouraged.

They are suitable for any age and interest.

Meanwhile, the free roam gallery offers eight different games including five escape rooms, one horror experience and two shooting games.