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Jordan ambassador opens Expo 2020 pavilion

Jordan ambassador opens Expo 2020 pavilion

Nassar Habashneh, Jordan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, has inaugurated the Jordan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

He reaffirmed that the event has “amazed the world with the United Arab Emirates’ immense potential, its capabilities and its people’s determination, reinforcing why Expo 2020 is a source of pride for all Arabs”.

Habashneh said: “The countries represented in this historical event embody the values of collaboration and a commitment to constructive dialogue.

“It is an opportunity to drive not only intellectual communication, but also to foster a spirit of innovation among youth from around the world, reinforcing the mega-event’s standing as a platform for the exchange of ideas in an environment of tolerance, love and brotherhood.”

Habashneh reiterated that through Expo 2020, the UAE will share its principles of tolerance and acceptance, regardless of religion, sect, race or colour, referencing that the nation is home to more than 200 nationalities.


He also praised the efforts of the Expo 2020 team, and their success in the extraordinary opening ceremony “delivered in a manner that befits the esteemed status and significant achievements of the UAE,” pointing out that the country always rises to any challenge it faces.

During his tour of the pavilion, Habashneh visited the Siq exhibit, which was designed to be identical to the Siq gorge, the gateway to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra.

He also visited the exhibition of Jordanian products, sharing his admiration at the authenticity of the experience created throughout the pavilion.