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NZ site to grab luxury travellers

Over 90 000 high-end visitors sought, and found, luxury accommodation and services in New Zealand in the year-ended March 2005. There’s no reason to suspect that the Year to March 2006 will be any different.

In the year-ended March 2005, 1.8 million Fully Independent and Semi-Independent Travellers visited New Zealand. Of these, about 5% stayed in some form of luxury accommodation. Luxury New Zealand,, assists these increasingly web-savvy travellers.

Voted top destination by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller and consistently ranked by readers of the top luxury travel magazines as a favourite, there is no finer destination than New Zealand for your overseas luxury vacations or holidays.

New website, Luxury New Zealand creates a single reference point for all things luxury in New Zealand. On it you will find easily accessible information about luxury lodges and hotels, private jet companies, yacht charter and authentic Maori artworks.

Online booking facilities with a lowest-price guarantee are available.


“We have an IATA travel agent associated with us to handle all those bookings that require the security of a bonded agent”, says Stephen Hay, owner and editor of Luxury New Zealand.

Today’s luxury traveller is younger and more at ease with the internet so, in addition to the website, users can sign-up for the free monthly ezine, “A Taste of Luxury NZ”, , and use the site’s RSS feed to keep up to date on developments. Luxury travel information for the 21st Century, net-savvy traveller.

Unique among luxury tourism sites are free public and members-only forums, As word-of-mouth recommendations move onto the net, forums become the place for the affluent leisure traveller to share tips and review accommodation and services. The members-only forums are not viewable by the public, so discretion is assured.