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Visitors can only become members of if they have a “black credit card” with unlimited credit.

If someone get approved as a member they will get tips about places to go, places to eat.

Beyond5Stars only has luxury hotels, luxury spas, luxury resorts of which some of them are still unheard for most people and where only a few have been and even fewer people can afford to go in their life time.

Beyond5Stars will list accommodations with at least a 5 star rating but most likely resorts with higher ranking.

In some cases there might be no ranking at all since it haven’t been ranked yet. These are places that haven’t been discovered yet but we have decided have a great potential in the future, like Phi Phi Island that we “discovered” 25 years ago during their trips to Thailand.


Price is of great importance so if a resort costs $25,000 a night it might be listed even if there is no star rating yet.

Beyond 5 Stars will be adding resorts that we have visited and in our listings of places to go there might be listed “back packing” sites where not a lot of people have been yet but we think have a great potential to become a 5 star rated place or just a place that people will pay a lot of money to visit.

Our site is visited by a lot of people every day but unfortunately only a few of the visitors can afford to even look at the listings and can only dream of going to any of the places once in their life time.

The web site also features houses over $40,000,000 and condominiums over $300,000 with one bed room.

If companies have an accomodation or other luxury place they can apply for an addition to their listings and they will either approve or deny it at their discretion since a lot of places don’t want to be mixed with not so luxury places.