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Invicta acquires Hotel Anywhere

Invicta is to acquire Hotel Anywhere, an internet media firm based in London, U.K.  Hotel Anywhere,, was established in 1996 offering European residents discounted hotel reservations to North America and has expanded its hotel product to Australia, Europe, Caribbean Islands, Asia and car rental service with Drive Anywhere.

The company has developed its proprietary software of database management and website technology offering online reservations and a call center staffed with knowledgeable travel agents.

The management has over 30 years experience in the European travel industry and will continue to operate the company with the intention to grow the business rapidly with targeted acquisitions of media companies in London and Europe.

Invicta Group Inc. has restructured the company with a new business model that will focus as an Internet Media Company that specializes in the Travel Industry.

Invicta has developed a website for its newest subsidiary Travel Hotlink, an Internet Media Company that offers travel discounts to North America travel enthusiasts that are seeking discounted travel products worldwide.


David Scott, Invicta Group Inc. COO, states, “The Internet is a worldwide media and management believes we should expand to marketplaces outside of North America. We are excited we can start with the acquisition of Hotel Anywhere, a United Kingdom company that markets to customers in Europe and Asia; and happy to have Hotel Anywhere’s Founder and President Tom Armstrong join the Invicta team. There is great synergy of a United Kingdom Company and USA company that have customers in Europe, Asia and North America respectively; we can cross-market customers in an effort to offer more product and increase revenues of both companies.”

Invicta has targeted additional acquisitions in London and are doing the financial due diligence review before signing a Letter Of Intent to acquire the companies.