West Highland landslip recovery works complete

The West Highland line reopened between Crianlarich and Fort William Wednesday, July 11 after engineers completed works to recover the line following a landslip and freight derailment on June 28.

Engineers have been working around-the-clock for over a week at the site near Tulloch, stabilising the slope, installing rock netting and removing tonnes of material from the railway line.

Over 100 yards of railway track has also been renewed as part of the operation and six derailed freight wagons rerailed and removed for the site.

The operation has been one of the most challenging Network Rail’s engineers have faced due to the remote location of the site, which was inaccessible by road and located on a steep hillside.

The freight engine which was derailed in the incident has been secured, but not yet removed. Plans for its removal are being progressed separately so as not to delay the reopening of the line.


A Network Rail spokesman said: “Our engineers have worked hard to recover and reopen the line as quickly as possible in what was a very challenging location. As we approach the peak tourist season, restoring passenger services was of vital importance to the communities this line serves.”