Vueling launches new website

Vueling launches new website

Vueling has launched its re-vamped and re-designed website.

The new website will deliver greater usability and easier access to its most popular services including online check-in, making flight changes and the addition of extra luggage with just one click from the home page.

The site is the result of eight years learning how users interact with the website and listening to the needs of its customers through social networks.

Its unique features include enhanced optimization whereby customers have quicker access to greater content as well as enhanced efficiency and usability owing to more intuitive navigation.

All web content can be accessed from a variety of media platforms including mobile phones and digital tablets.

In the future, Vueling’s website will incorporate additional useful tools for passengers including the ability to make a flight reservation in just one click.

In addition users will be able to locate their nearest Vueling airport by geo-location and the Vueling website will then adapt the web content according to the user’s location.