Network Rail: More humps for Cumbria

Network Rail: More humps for Cumbria

Network Rail is installing more access humps at stations on the Cumbria coast line. Both platforms at Seascale station, the Carlisle platform at St Bees and the Barrow platform at Dalton will all have new humps by the end of October.

The humps were developed by Network Rail and Cumbria County Council as a low-cost solution to the problem passengers have getting on and off trains where platforms are too low.

Depending on the particular location, installing a hump can be up to ten times more cost effective than completely rebuilding the platform. It works by raising a small section of the platform to correspond with the disabled access doors on the trains. Special measures are put in place to make sure the train stops at the right position on the platform.

Stuart Middleton, Network Rail’s general manager for Lancashire & Cumbria said: “The easier access areas were developed directly from Cumbria’s pioneering scheme at Harrington station. They have been introduced at numerous stations in England and Wales and we hope they will be equally well received at the latest stations.”

County councillor Tim Knowles, cabinet member for transport, said: “It’s fantastic to see that the success of the original humps in our own county has given the opportunity for other stations in Cumbria to be more accessible. It’s important our stations are as inclusive as possible and I fully welcome these new developments.”


Lee Wasnidge, area director for Northern Rail, said: “Making our stations more accessible is an important way of opening up the possibilities of rail travel to more people.

“This project will see accessibility improved across three of our stations in the region. We’re looking forward to hearing what our customers think.”