Monthly visits to soar 250% in 2 months

Monthly visits to soar 250% in 2 months

Following a recent update to the look, feel and functionality of the site, posted a 253 per cent increase in monthly visits to its site. 

Just over four million visits were logged within the 30 days up to January 13th 2011, increasing to 10.2 million in the 30 days up to 13 March 2011.

The recent upgrade to the site was driven by the company’s new vision to empower users to connect with those who share their interests in terms of where they would love to go (destinations) and what they would love to do (activities).

Co-Founder & Co-CEO Peter Ward stated: “The decision to give the site an update is clearly paying off, evidenced by the marked improvement in traffic to the site.

“Not only are we seeing impressive growth in monthly traffic figures, but also a promising upward trend of the site’s daily traffic rank.


“The whole team is committed to maintaining this momentum.”

WAYN key site metrics:

16 million registered users

10.2 million visits per month

20,000 photo uploads per day; 18 million strong photo library

12,000 comments / ratings generated daily

15,000 new trips added daily

20,000 dream destinations and activities added daily as part of the new ‘‘intentions broadcasting’’ platform