Meritus Hotels & Resorts offers free Wi-Fi access across all properties

Meritus Hotels & Resorts offers free Wi-Fi access across all properties

Responding to the need of today’s traveller to stay connected at all times, award-winning Asian hospitality group Meritus Hotels & Resorts announced the roll-out of free Wi-Fi service across the Group’s properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

Guests can expect to enjoy straightforward access to the complimentary amenity throughout their stay, not only from the guestrooms but from anywhere within the hotels’ premises.

The service allows every guest sufficient bandwidth to exchange data across virtual private networks and social media channels, as well as download and upload reasonably-sized files, including rich media formats. For heavy bandwidth users looking to stream high-definition videos or download movies, a premium bandwidth package is available at competitive rates.

Guests carrying multiple devices can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access for up to three devices.

“Free and efficient Wi-Fi connectivity has become an increasingly important benchmark for hotel end users,” said Maria Taylor , Meritus Hotels & Resorts Regional Vice President, Revenue. “By offering this value-add and adopting it as a brand standard, we ensure that we are meeting the ever evolving needs of our guests and remaining at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.”


Meritus Hotels & Resorts have been making headways in hospitality through product and service innovations aimed at enhancing the overall experience of guests. In 2012, its flagship Mandarin Orchard Singapore became the first hotel in Singapore to offer a “second screen” mobile device solution for an advanced in-room technology that connects guests to a host of conveniences and services at the touch of a button, from anywhere within the hotel.

The Group was also recently named Most Admired Enterprise in the Innovation category at the ASEAN Business Awards held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in conjunction with the ASEAN Leaders Summit.