Europcar acquires GuidaMi in Milan

Europcar acquires GuidaMi in Milan

Europcar Group has confirmed the acquisition of GuidaMi, the station-based car sharing company in Milan.

The European vehicle rental services provider take control of the company through subsidiary Ubeeqo, an innovative mobility start-up in which Europcar owns a majority share.

Italy becomes the sixth market in which Ubeeqo offers a ground breaking alternative to private cars.

Ubeeqo already operates in France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

GuidaMi is the historical car sharing player in Milan with more than 150 cars already available in Milan’s streets with dedicated car park spaces within the city.


GuidaMi opens the Italian market to Ubeeqo and offers an innovative and user friendly service.

“Milan is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities in the field of mobility solutions providing an alternative to private cars.

“We are glad, through this acquisition, to position Ubeeqo in this promising market with the same ambition we have in other cities: providing businesses and individuals with a ground breaking alternative to car ownership and encouraging those who still own cars to sell them” said Ubeeqo co-founder, Benoît Chatelier.

Ubeeqo’s mobility app will also be available for the Milanese.

This innovative mobility platform allows users to both book and pay for solutions like car sharing, car rental and taxi/chauffeur services.

This platform also appeals to business customers, thanks to its centralised billing, which provides a solution to limit the volume of expense accounts.

“Just a few months after the acquisition of Bluemove in Spain, the Europcar Group is once again, through Ubeeqo, expanding across the car sharing market and is making a lively entry into yet another European country where our group can capitalise on a solid position.

“This new acquisition marks a key step in our drive to become a global mobility solutions leader,” stresses Fabrizio Ruggiero, Europcar Group deputy chief executive.