Laurent Thérézien Has Been Appointed Marketing And Business Development Director For Accor Services

Laurent Thérézien has been appointed
Marketing and Business Development Director for Accor Services.
Accor Services, the second largest Division of Accor activities, deals with design
and management of innovative solutions for companies and public authorities
under the responsibility of John Du Monceau, a Member of the Group
Management Board. The services offered are designed to improve employee
productivity and well-being.
The mission of the Marketing and Business Development Direction of Accor
Services is to widen the range of services and accelerate geographical
development, using new technologies and Accor`s expertise in the field of
human resources.
Laurent Thérézien, 37, who holds diplomas from the Paris Ecole supérieure de
commerce and Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA),
began his career in 1986, in the USA, with Société Générale, and then joined
Kraft Jacobs Suchard 2 years later. In 1994, he went on to work for McKinsey as
an Engagement Manager and subsequently, in 1997, he was appointed Director
for Special Projects and Tour Operating with Club Méditerranée. Since 1999,
Laurent Thérézien had been Executive V.P. Continental Europe with