Orbitz Selects Informatica eSite Analysis Application.

Orbitz has selected the Informatica eSite analytic application to enhance the online experience of its customers. Informatica eSite will help Orbitz capture and analyze clickstream data from its site.

“With Informatica eSite, we can better analyze our clickstream data alongside other web-based customer and visitor information to optimize our site for customer satisfaction,” said Kevin Malover, CIO of Orbitz. “We chose the Informatica eSite application over first-generation clickstream tools because of its powerful performance and scalability, critical features that will let us effectively analyze fast-growing volumes of Web and other customer data as our customer base expands. The application`s best-of-breed analytics and metrics will allow us to identify patterns and trends so we can tailor our service to attract and retain customers.”

“In any online business, understanding the differences in customer behavior and needs in various markets and geographic regions can be critical to an organization`s success,” said Sanjay Poonen, vice president and general manager, Informatica Applications. “Companies like Orbitz can use online analytics to their competitive advantage by analyzing customer behavior and then tailoring marketing campaigns to attract new customers while also improving customer loyalty and retention.”

Informatica eSite is a sophisticated analytic application that enables companies to integrate clickstream data with other key information from across the enterprise in order to analyze and improve the effectiveness of their Web channels. Available as a standalone product outside of the larger Informatica eCRM application, Informatica eSite can help companies grow their online businesses by transforming the enormous volumes of clickstream data generated from their Web sites into valuable insight.