Improve Power Dialling Best Practice or Face Consumer Back-Lash

Leading converged solutions provider, Call Centre Technology, is warning travel call centre operations to improve their power dialling policy, or face the potential outlaw of such systems.
The warning follows a Radio 5-Live expose earlier this week, which revealed that in the last year alone BT has received over 100,000 complaints about calls that cut off as soon as the phone is picked up.  Concern has been raised, particularly among the elderly, that such ‘nuisance’ calls could be burglars checking on their properties for occupancy, causing home owners unnecessary distress. 
The programme attributed the call cut-outs to call centre power diallers and advised listeners to call the Direct Marketing Association to opt out from such calls.
Commenting on the implications of the exposé, Russell Attwood, Managing Director of Call Centre Technology said, “Travel companies need to buck up their power dialling policies to avoid an industry-wide ban on such technology, as has been the case in some US states where such systems are outlawed.
“Companies frequently use power dialling to maximise call centre agents’ productivity.  However, all too often numbers are dialled regardless of whether an agent is available.  This lack of intelligent power dialling has led to the growth in ‘nuisance’ cut-off calls, upsetting consumers and leading to negative media coverage.  Worse still, there are rumblings of a potential consumer campaign to ban the use of such technology. 
“Clearly, consumer outrage against power dialling is not in the interest of any business.  Action therefore needs to take place now to end unnecessary ‘cut-off calls’ and to prevent further damage to the image of the call centre industry.”
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