Sabre Delivers Cost Reducing Tools for Travel Agents

Corporation (NYSE: TSG) today announced the launch of Sabre Inform mobile
services, a suite of powerful customer service tools that can reduce costs
associated with call center management and customer service for both airlines
and the North American travel agent community by keeping them connected with
their travelers anytime, anywhere.
(Caption: Eric Speck,
chief marketing officer
- Sabre)

Sabre Inform is the industry`s first low-cost, end-to-end solution that is
branded for the agency and/or airline.  Sabre Inform`s voice services provide
an automated voice response system that improves cost efficiency for an agency
or airline`s call center.  Through this service, travelers have the ability to
retrieve schedules from over 450 airlines and the real-time flight status from
more than 110 airlines, 24-hours per day, seven days per week.  Additionally,
travelers can confirm car rates and hotel information, and cancel segments of
an existing travel reservation.
Southwest Airlines
is the first airline to implement Sabre Inform voice
services.  The airline recently began using the product to facilitate travel
for its employees.
“Sabre has delivered a unique technology that gives our employees a self-
service means of booking flights,” said Ellen Torbert, vice president,
reservations for Southwest Airlines.  “Sabre Inform voice services are helping
us maintain our low cost structure by ensuring our busy reservations agents
are not burdened with these transactions.  Our employees are extremely
satisfied with the service Sabre has delivered, which is reflected in the
immediate adoption of the system.”
Additionally, the product suite offers real-time alerts that are delivered
to any phone through voice and to all personal digital assistant (PDA),
e-mail, fax or two-way pager.  Each alert provides travelers with real-time
information on flight delays, cancellations, gate changes, and airline,
airport, city and country security alerts.  The alerting service also includes
a tool that enables a service agent to send custom alerts to a customer
anytime, anywhere.
“More than ever, travel agencies and airlines need tools to help drive
down cost, while maintaining and managing the same level of service that their
customers have grown to depend on,” said Eric Speck
, chief marketing officer
for Sabre.  “Sabre Inform alerting and voice services make it easier for our
customers to boost their service levels quickly and cost effectively, while
providing their travelers with up-to-the minute information wherever they are.
“We are confident that customer loyalty for both agents and airlines will
increase as their branded messages are delivered during key points of a
traveler`s trip,” said Speck.

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