Electronic buy and fly! Takes Off

buy and fly!, the points based travel reward programme in partnership with 17 of the worldå‘s
leading airlines, is delighted to announce the introduction of a sophisticated electronic points
system in partnership with Carlson Marketing Group.
The new system, designed and operated by Carlson, introduces electronic buy and fly! points as an
option for clients and collectors. Although buy and fly! paper points are still in operation, going
electronic makes it possible for buy and fly! activity including registrations, point balance checks
and transaction history to be monitored and managed on-line.
Registered buy and fly! collectors can personally access their private account via the buy and fly!
website or through buy and fly! connect, the 24 hour telephone system. Anyone who registers as a
buy and fly! collector is currently given 50 free points.
David Lyne, Chief Executive of Landround plc, comments:
‘The new system allows a more efficient service, increased communication and a wealth of
opportunities for both clients and collectors. This milestone for buy and fly! illustrates how much
the programme has developed, and the support which it has received along the way.’
Frank McCusker, Managing Director of Carlson Marketing Group, comments:
‘Carlson Marketing Group used all its expertise to put buy and fly! online and has, I believe,
delivered a extremely potent proposition.’
The repositioning of the buy and fly! programme is supported by updated communications material
and a new logo featuring the tagline ‘rewards you more, takes you further’, underpinning the
exceptional value and choice of the buy and fly! programme.
For more information on buy and fly! or to register as a collector and receive 50 free buy and fly!
points visit www.buyandfly.com