Crossair Rejects CCP Board Accusations

The Board of CCP, the Crossair pilots’ union, issued a statement to the Crossair pilots on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 claiming that “the Crossair Management and Aeropers, the Swissair pilots’ union, yesterday reached agreement on a new contract. This contravenes the regulations of the existing Collective Labour Agreement (GAV). With this we were being forced to accept this illegal document and to sign the new contract”.

This does not correspond with the facts. The fact is that the discussions on the new GAV are continuing as before. Crossair is endeavouring, together with the CCP and Aeropers to work out an acceptable and fair collective labour contract for all concerned. Efforts in this direction continued, following the withdrawal of the CCP delegation from negotiations on Sunday, March 10. In its own words, the CCP Board said that the negotiations had not been broken off. The CCP Board said, after its withdrawal, that it would carefully study all proposals which emerged from the continuing negotiations between Crossair and Aeropers and, if acceptable, would also sign the document. In addition, the CCP Board stated to the Crossair negotiating team that “it had the fullest confidence that the Crossair Management would safeguard the interests of the CCP in its absence”.

In further rounds of negotiations, Crossair has come up with a considerably improved GAV proposal for all SWISS pilots, compared to the existing GAV contract with the CCP pilots.